Live Stem Cell therapy is the healing choice of the future.

Arizona Cardinals’ running back Chris Johnson can tell you that a torn meniscus can get you cursing like …well, a football pro. You may not have rushed 196 times for 814 yards before a tear took you down, but it doesn’t mean you hurt any less. Nor does it mean that stem cell therapy would stimulate any less cartilage growth in your knee’s natural shock absorber as it did in his. According to Sports Illustrated, more than 100 NFL players have tried stem cell therapy—both in place of surgery and as an adjunct procedure to speed up post-surgical regeneration. Live...

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How Stem Cells Work

Nothing like a brisk Saturday morning run on the forest trail with the girls. Until you meet up with runner’s knee—that popping and cracking followed by swelling and grinding on the outside of your knee cap. You don’t have to be running to hear the assailant—you can be walking, climbing, descending stairs, squatting, kneeling, sitting down or standing up, and sometimes simply sitting for a long time with your knee bent. The medical term is “patellofemoral pain syndrome” (if you were wondering), and it’s more common among women. Health care providers say it accounts for about 17% of their patient...

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