Live Stem Cell therapy is the healing choice of the future.

Live Stem Cell therapy is the healing choice of the future.

Arizona Cardinals’ running back Chris Johnson can tell you that a torn meniscus can get you cursing like …well, a football pro. You may not have rushed 196 times for 814 yards before a tear took you down, but it doesn’t mean you hurt any less. Nor does it mean that stem cell therapy would stimulate any less cartilage growth in your knee’s natural shock absorber as it did in his.

According to Sports Illustrated, more than 100 NFL players have tried stem cell therapy—both in place of surgery and as an adjunct procedure to speed up post-surgical regeneration.

Live Stem Cell therapy is the healing choice of the future.And it’s an easy one to make, considering: Cortisone is really a stop-gap that can impact your ability to feel things, potentially causing more injury. Surgery removes tissue and bone from your body, can damage nerves, and can also cause blood clots and breathing problems—not to mention the expense.

Stem cells stimulate your own cells to regenerate themselves, tapping your body’s natural ability to heal with less risk and expense.Stem cells provide intraligamentous cytokines (the scientific term for healing growth factors in your ligament). Hard to believe these microscopic cells can heal your excruciating pain?

Here’s how:

injured cells in your muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, and bones send out signals injected stem cells respond to those signals, migrating to your injured tissue stem cells release proteins and growth factors that stimulate your own cells to begin regenerating, and may also modulate your immune response. If you’ve got a bottle of Advil in every room and your surgeon’s cell phone on speed dial, you may want to consider that millions of Americans have already used stem cell therapy to treat: