Massage not relieving your rotator cuff pain

Massage not relieving your rotator cuff pain

That dull, aching pain radiating from your shoulder to your upper chest can really cramp your style. And you may not even remember which repetitive overhead motions strained the muscles and tendons in your shoulder and rotator cuff.

Painting. Sculpting. Hanging. Lifting. Waving. Slowly, over time, they can cause degenerative tears in your rotator cuff. You’ll know you may need treatment when you feel:

  • arm weakness
  • severely reduced range of arm motion
  • difficulty reaching behind your back or over your head
  • difficulty sleeping due to pain

And you wouldn’t be alone. Each year, approximately 200,000 Americans get shoulder surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff, and an additional 400,000 have surgery for related tendinitis or partial tears.

But that doesn’t mean that their problems are over.

Although surgery tacks the rotator cuff tendon back down to the bone (temporarily repairing the mechanical environment), it in no way regenerates the biological environment for long-term strengthening.

How can regenerative therapy alleviate your pain?

It may feel like magic, but it’s actually evidence-based science—30 years’ worth. Injured cells in your rotator cuff send out signals, and the Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) your Liveyon practitioner injects respond to those signals. They migrate to your injured tissue, releasing growth factors that stimulate your own cells to begin regenerating.

These potent cells are derived only from healthy, post-birth umbilical cord blood, and processed by third party labs that strictly adhere to FDA regulations. If you’d like to read more about the regenerative process cell-by-cell, visit Forward Healthy Lifestyles informative website.

You don’t have to give up on that acrylic triad because of rogue rotator cuff cells. Don’t surrender to your rotator cuff tear—repair may be possible, and your exhibit opening just months away.

To discover how regenerative therapy can relieve your pain, regenerate your tissue, and protect your immune system from the side effects of surgery, call Forward Healthy Lifestyles at: (262) 313-8375