Aging does not mean giving up function and fun.

Aging does not mean giving up function and fun.

People make travel plans around it, design kitchen cabinets to avoid it, even move to single level ranch homes to alleviate it.

There is no single cause for that throbbing, swelling, tenderness, joint stiffness, fatigue, and reduced range of motion that affects 1 in 5 American adults in at least one joint. The Conserved Domain Database (CDD) projects that arthritis pain will affect 78 million adults by the year 2040. That’s a quarter of the population.

Whether it’s your infection, or your injury-exacerbated joint cartilage deteriorating till bone rubs against bone (osteoarthritis), or your immune system attacking your joint tissues (rheumatoid arthritis), arthritis pain changes your life.

NSAIDs, corticosteroids, disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs), and joint replacement surgery all may ease arthritis pain and inflammation for some people some of the time.

But at what cost?

You don’t have to Google very long to find out these drugs can do potentially life-threatening damage to:

  • your liver
  • your lungs
  • your heart
  • your eyes
  • your immune system’s healing process

When your provider injects human cell & tissue products product into your damaged tissue, he or she may revive the natural regenerative power in your arthritic joints—potentially turning the tables on overuse and injury damage, one cell at a time.

An FDA-approved Mayo Clinic study published in The American Journal of Sports Medicine showed stem cells dramatically—and safely—improved patients’ arthritic knee pain. Other early studies have even demonstrated new cartilage and bone formation—moving beyond symptom relief toward a cure.

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