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BTL Exilis Ultra™

BTL EXILIS ULTRA™ is the world’s most advanced radio frequency (RF) and ultrasound technology to deliver profound body shaping, skin tightening, cellulite reduction and facial rejuvenation results.

The BTL EXILIS ULTRA™ is clinically proven and can be used nearly head to toe, providing real, remarkable results to the:

  • Face – Tightening of the cheek, chin and eye areas
  • Neck – Skin tightening
  • Décolleté – Skin tightening, rejuvenation
  • Bra roll – Shaping, tightening
  • Abdomen & lower back – Shaping, tightening, cellulite reduction
  • Hands – Skin tightening, rejuvenation
  • Buttocks – Shaping, tightening, cellulite reduction
  • Thighs – Shaping, tightening, cellulite reduction
  • Knees – Tightening

The BTL EXILIS ULTRA is fully customizable, providing unmatched versatility to address patients’ problem areas and concerns.

BTL Exilis Ultra Treatments Near Me Waukesha County, WI

How does the BTL EXILIS ULTRATM work and what to expect during a treatment

BTL EXILIS ULTRA is a comfortable, non-invasive procedure that uses an applicator to target key areas in question. The applicator uses an ideal combination of heating and cooling to deliver RF energy to specific, target tissues and maximize elastin and collagen fiber production

This FDA-cleared treatment is the world’s only multi-application platform to simultaneously deliver R and ultrasound energy with real-time temperature monitoring, controlled cooling, impedance intelligence and square spectrum energy profiling to enable truly customizable procedures.

Who can benefit from BTL EXILIS UTLRA?

BTL EXILIS ULTRA is an ideal treatment for men and women looking for tighter skin, support with troublesome cellulite and toning of hard-to-train areas. The RF technology in the BTL EXILIS ULTRA can be used on all skin types. Before any treatment, our expert team will discuss your concerns and goals to determine if BTL EXILIS ULTRA is right for you

Exilis Ultra Skin Tightening Washington County, WI

What results can I expect?

Some patients see results after their first visit, but patients will enjoy optimal results after four treatments (or two double-time treatments). For those addressing skin laxity, full results may appear up to 3 months after your final treatment as your collagen completes its 90-day remodeling cycle.

What is the downtime?

There is minimal downtime following the BTL EXILIS ULTRA treatment, though post-care instructions vary slightly depending on the area of the body treated. Patients can apply skin care products as usual, but should refrain from exposing the treated area to heat for 48 hours, this includes IPL treatments, laser treatments, saunas, sunbathing, etc. Hydration is important for the days following treatment, but even patients that receive body treatments are encouraged to enjoy walking and light physical activity following treatment.

Redness, local swelling or dry skin may appear but will resolve soon after treatment.

If you’re looking for tighter skin, body toning, reduced cellulite or advanced facial rejuvenation, BTL EXILIS ULTRA may be just the answer you’ve been searching for. For patients in Germantown, Waukesha, Milwaukee or the greater Milwaukee area that want to learn more about the many benefits of BTL EXILIS ULTRA, contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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