This program is a closely-supervised regimen consisting of baseline tests, counseling, and a customized roadmap to get you on your way to reaching your weight loss goals. The program is safe, sensible and created with your ultimate health in mind for renewed mind, body, spirit and improved overall self-esteem.

Forward Healthy Lifestyles follows the industry leading IAPAM HCG Protocols which involves a detailed medical history assessment and lab testing as well as the exclusive IAPAM Patient Guidebook. Private consultations are scheduled weekly with our experienced staff. Finally, “fat burning” injections are given to promote the breakdown of stored fat. 

This program also involves daily HCG injections for either 23 or 43 days depending upon how much weight loss is needed and is combined with a 500 calorie per day diet. In this way, the body is able to make up for the missing calories by breaking down its unhealthy fat stores. One can expect to lose approximately one pound per day during the course of treatment and not be hungry!

Call or make an appointment for a one-on-one consultation to see if our Medical Weight Loss program is right for you.

Legal Notice and Disclaimer: The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved Human Chorionic Gonaditropin (HCG) for use in weight loss treatment. The use of HCG for weight loss is an “off label” use, which means that it is considered safe when prescribed by and under the guidance of a licensed physician. HCG is FDA-approved to treat health conditions other than weight loss, and has been in existence to do so for over 45 years. Because an individual’s weight loss depends on a number of factors, Forward Healthy Lifestyles DOES NOT guarantee any specific weight loss result.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all services are recommended for everyone. Individual results may vary.