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Foot Pain

When you suffer from foot pain, you’re reminded of your condition with each and every step. Not only is it a challenge to play sports or go for long walks, but even the most basic daily tasks become nearly impossible to complete.

Our regenerative medicine treatments like cellular therapy and PRP therapy can help your body heal the underlying cause of your painful feet, so you can finally get the results you deserve. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

How Can Regenerative Treatments Help Relieve Severe Pain in the Feet?

Non-Surgical Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis Waukesha County, WI

Regenerative medicine helps relieve heel pain, ankle pain and other foot problems by addressing the underlying cause of the pain and helping your body resolve the issue. If you suffer from painful feet and just cover up the pain with medication, you’ll only get temporary relief because you’ll have to take another dose as soon as the effects wear off. This will continue indefinitely until something is done to fix the root cause of the pain. Cell therapy and PRP therapy treat the cause, so they are effective at providing long-term foot pain relief.

Cell therapy uses regenerative tissue that’s derived from the Wharton’s Jelly of donated umbilical cords.

Here’s how it works:

  • We ethically source regenerative tissue from umbilical cords that willing mothers donated.
  • The mothers are carefully screened ahead of time, and both mother and baby are perfectly fine throughout the process.
  • This tissue is youthful and powerful, loaded with potent healing properties like cytokines, growth factors, proteins, amino acids, peptides, exosomes, hyaluronic acid, and more.
  • The regenerative tissue is injected into your damaged or degraded foot tissue to help facilitate healing.

Our PRP therapy, or platelet-rich plasma, works like this:

  • A small sample of your blood is drawn and placed in a centrifuge.
  • The sample is spun at high speed to separate the red blood cells and platelets.
  • The resulting platelets are highly concentrated with healing properties.
  • The PRP is injected into your damaged foot tissue to help facilitate healing.

Both of these treatments are minimally invasive and require little to no downtime. There is also virtually no chance that your body will reject the treatments.

Alternatives to Foot Surgery Washington County, WI

Plantar Fasciitis and Other Common Causes of Foot Pain

One of the most common causes of chronic foot pain is plantar fasciitis. This condition occurs when the long ligament that stretches across the bottom of your foot, called the plantar fascia, becomes inflamed or damaged. Plantar fasciitis may be caused by standing for long periods of time, having high arches or flat feet, regular running and jumping, or obesity. Our regenerative treatments can help relieve plantar fasciitis pain so you can get back to doing the thing you love.

Some of the other foot pain causes we see at our healthcare clinic include:

  • Bursitis
  • Bone fractures
  • Sprains and strains
  • Bunions
  • Bone spurs
  • Tendonitis

If you or a loved one suffer from foot pain in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Germantown or anywhere in the greater Milwaukee area, call our healthcare clinic today at 262-313-8375 to set up a complimentary consultation.

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