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Vitamin Injectables

Most of the vitamins and minerals that we offer in an infusion treatment format can also be effectively administered in a series of single injections administered weekly for one or more months. Infusing and injecting vitamins and minerals offer a significant advantage in that this treatment format enables close to 100% of the vitamins and minerals to be delivered directly into your blood stream. Vitamins and minerals taken orally have a much lower absorption rate. The absorption rate declines with age.

IV therapy enables the vitamins and minerals to be available to your body immediately. Injections have the same absorption rate, but they are picked up in your blood stream a little more slowly and last a little longer.

B12 Injections

The purpose of the Vitamin B12 injections is to improve energy levels, boost metabolism and help burn fat.

Some of the key benefits are:

    B12 Injections Waukesha County, WI

  • B12 Boosts ENERGY and Overall Metabolic Rate
  • Enhances MOOD
  • Excellent for Healthy Hair and Skin
  • Helps regulate sleep and appetite
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Increases Red Blood Cell Production
  • Maintains a Healthy Liver

Are you deficient?
Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency are depression, fatigue or low energy, moodiness, trouble sleeping, memory loss, dizziness, loss of balance, numbness or tingling in hands and feet and dementia. These symptoms can slowly develop even when blood tests show that your B12 level is normal.

Who’s at Risk?

  • If you are a strict vegetarian or vegan
  • If you’re diet doesn’t consist of the proper amounts of meat, fish and eggs
  • You’re over age 50
  • You’re pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You smoke cigarettes
  • You take drugs for heartburn or take potassium supplements
  • If you’ve had part of your stomach surgically removed or banded

Biotin Injections

Biotin injections are used for the improvement of fine, fragile or thinning hair and brittle nails. Biotin produces healthy hair, strong nails and glowing skin.

Biotin is a major component in the natural hair manufacturing process — it is essential to not only grow new hair, but it also plays a major role in the overall health of skin and nails.

Biotin is a vitamin B and it is present in foods like eggs and liver. However, it would take a huge amount of eggs and liver to provide you with the 5mg. of biotin that you would need for healthy hair and nails.

Biotin Injections Washington County, WIA biotin supplement can provide your body with the necessary amount of biotin it needs to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss without additional calories and without having to eat liver.

As a member of the B-vitamin family. It assists in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and protein. It serves as a critical component of several enzymes and is involved in energy metabolism. The major benefit of biotin however, is its ability to strengthening hair and nails.

Men and Women who are experiencing hair loss may be able to keep their hair longer and promote hair growth by getting injections.

In recent studies, Biotin showed to have helped with hair loss and brittle nails in 91% of patients.

VITAMIN D Injections

Every patient that we treat has a low blood level of Vitamin D, almost without exception .

Vitamin D receptors are expressed in many tissues of the body including skin, bone, immune system, muscle (both skeletal and cardiac), and endocrine tissues.

Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin, it is one of the most potent inhibitors of cancer cell growth.

Vitamin D stimulates your pancreas to make insulin and regulates the immune system.

Vitamin D boosts the immune system, strengthens bones, alleviates, muscle aches and is even a mood enhancer as well as a promising treatment for depression and pain.


  • Boosts your immune system
  • Enhances your mood
  • Promising treatment for depression and pain
  • Strengthens your bones
  • Alleviates muscle aches

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